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2016年10月開催シリア難民映画上映会におけるトークセッションの様子 / The talk session from the Syrian Refugee Film Screening Event held in October 2016

東京外国語大学では、世界の諸言語による映画等の上映会・トークセッションを行う「TUFS Cinema」を不定期に開催しています。

上映会・トークセッションを通して、世界諸地域の社会・歴史・文化などの理解を深めることが「TUFS Cinema」プロジェクトの目的です。中には、字幕翻訳から本学で手がける作品もあり、そのような作品は字幕付きでは日本で初公開となります。その他にも、過去に上映されたことはあっても、なかなか観る機会の少ない作品も上映しています。

Deepening Understanding of Foreign Society, History, and Culture

Here at TUFS, film screenings and talk sessions on films from all over the world are held every so often through the ‘TUFS Cinema’ Project.

The goal of the TUFS Cinema Project is to deepen understandings of society, history, and culture of other countries through film screenings and talk sessions. Many of the films are translated at TUFS, and their screenings are the first with Japanese subtitles to be shown in Japan. Aside from this, there are also screenings of older films which are usually hard to find in Japan.



2017年4月開催チベット映画特集におけるトークセッションの様子 / The talk session from the Tibet Film Screening Event held in April 2017

TUFS Cinemaでは、映画上映に加え、本学教員や専門家などによるトークセッションも行っています。映像だけでは捉えきることのできなかった当該地域の歴史・文化・社会・宗教などの背景についても理解を深めることができるのが、本企画の魅力です。


Sessions from Industry Professionals, Learn the Background of the Film

The TUFS Cinema Project not only screens films, but also holds talk sessions run by TUFS professors and industry professionals. Through these sessions, the audience can further understand aspects of a country’s history, culture, society, and religion that could not be grasped from the film alone, which is a rare and precious opportunity indeed.

There are a great number of diverse languages, cultures, religions, societies, and people in the world, thus there are many different life circumstances. On top of that, many social issues exist throughout these societies. We hope that these talk sessions become a chance to share and understand these issues and circumstances.


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Follow Us Online for Screening Information

Information on film screenings is posted on the official TUFS Cinema Facebook page and Twitter account. Please follow us for regular updates.

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対談企画:TUFS Cinemaで世界の文化・社会の理解を深める(対談者:真島 一郎 教授、萬宮 健策 准教授)